Friday, 28 September 2007

starting up...

Six months ago if you asked me where I wanted to be post uni I would have instantly said "music journalism". No hesitation. Nowadays, feeling more mature (mainly due to having to wash my own socks and cook my own pasta) I know that the best route into journalism is to take whatever you can get. I'm not fussed who or what I start out writing for, which I think puts me into a pretty good situation. It's also quite exciting: I don't know where I'm going to end up.

Being unaware of what I want in the future is not a position I have been in often. I have always wanted to come to Falmouth to study journalism ever since I have thought of uni, mainly due to the beaches and open spaces I love back home just up the road over the Tamar.

I've been pretty lucky to make a sound group of mates down here already. We discussed how we all thought we felt we had known each other for ages because we get on really well. but not just my mates, but every person I have come accross in this sleepy by day hectic by night town have been really great. I've not met anybody who i havn't got on well with. I'm not sure i would have been able to say that anywhere else.

The only time I have been worried down here is basically at the moment. I think I may have lost my sunglasses.

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