Monday, 9 February 2009

Falmouth's RadioWave to relaunch

University College Falmouth’s student radio station “Radiowave” is re-launching in January with the intention to make the New Year a success.

“Radiowave” has been running for three years and features a mix of budding DJs from all years and courses at both of UCF campuses, playing a huge variety of music from dub step and indie to eighties and urban, all streamed online.

A launch party, set to take place on Thursday 22 January in the Stannery at Tremough is hoping to increase people’s awareness of the station and to increase listener numbers.

The event will start at 8pm, and play host to live DJs such as Ciaran McEntee, James Hawgood and FXU President Karl Shaddick, as well as food and drinks promotions being arranged during the lead up to the event.

On top of increasing listener numbers, the station is planning on receiving more finances for competition prizes, encouraging live music on campus and on “Radiowave” its self, promoting FXU events, and using the radio shows as a platform to encourage students to produce their own music.

All those involved at the station anticipate a huge change in the way “Radiowave” is to be received in the New Year: “I don’t think that its importance in the university is fully recognised and understood. I mean it is a form of mass communication, and that should count for something.” says Holly Horseman, a DJ at the station.

“Yes we have been away for a while, and yes last term wasn’t amazing, but we are back. It’s going to be a huge year.”

You can listen to “Radiowave” online at

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