Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Guest Speaker - Steve Ivall

UCF played host to Deputy Editor of the Falmouth Packet, Steve Ivall, yesterday for a seminar to all first year journalism students about entering the industry.

The local Falmouth paper is one of four Cornish papers owned by Newsquest, which includes Truro, Helston and Camborne and Redruth as its sister papers.

Steve introduced himself and went on to present all the additions to the paper, such as "FrontRow", written about the local rugby scene, and many others for a specialised readership.

What he seemed most proud of was his ideas of the important roles journalists play on a local level. He made a clear point that many national stories are taken from the work of local papers, which in most cases only result in a couple of paragraphs. This seemed to invoke a sense of unity between all journalists, regardless of their national or local status in the industry.

"The web has been the most dramatic change we've been through in the last 20 or 30 years" says Steve. He explained how the readership of print has dramatically reduced, and web news has exploded. He also touched on the importance of now writing as if the story was to go onto the web, rather than into print.

The web has also turned the role of the journalist on its head, as they are now expected to be literate in audio, video and photographic journalism to accomodate for the expectations of the new-age mulitmedia readership.

However, what may be of most interest to Falmouth students is the prospect of a deal between The Packet and UCF regarding a new student paper. Steve seemed a little apprihensive as to not give away too much detail, but definately hinted at there already being cogs in motion.

Useful Links: http://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/

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