Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Assignment 6-Drugs Seized In Police Crash (more info)

A man was killed and nearly £50 000 of drugs found following a road accident with a police vehicle in the centre of Moonville last night.

The driver of the car, a red VW Golf, was announced dead on arrival at the St. Monty’s Hospital, with the policeman, PC Steve Rodgers, being “treated from concussion and a fracture of the nose and left leg” a hospital spokesman said.

The Police car had collided into a monument at the junction of Scar Road in Moonville, and the other car crashed into a shop.

A press conference earlier today police revealed that they are hunting for the passenger of the Golf, who fled the scene before police arrived. A rucksack was also found at the scene, and contained a quantity of drugs.

“The drugs were in a black canvas rucksack. The cannabis resin and cocaine had a street value of £30 000 and £17 000 respectfully.” said DCS Angelica Stripes.

“The man was described as slim, around 5 feet 8”, with a pale complexion and dark spiky hair. He was wearing red converse shoes, skinny jeans and a brown leather bomber jacket. The is no description available as yet of the dead driver.”

Police said that they believe the fleeing passenger to be a local man, and known to drug users in the area.

Josephine Rockwell, 31, was working at the Bluehound Pub at the time of the accident, witnessed the events:

“The driver of the [VW Golf] was slumped over the wheel…it looked as if he was really badly injured. The passenger of the car, who was very agitated, ran off down the street.”

Police believe that the driver panicked regarding the drugs in his car when he saw the blue flashing light of PC Rodgers vehicle, and lost control.

The hospital said that PC Rodgers is in a “comfortable condition”.

The police urge anybody with information regarding the accident to ring the hotline on 212121.

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chris_sayer said...

I felt that it was important to use the drugs aspect in the intro as this was new interesting information, and a hook when the figure was included also.

However, i left the paragraphs on the drugs until the 4th para, as i felt the death was also an important issue, and with the hook in the intro i felt that i could afford to do this without the reader becoming bored.

I feel that I have used the inverted pyramid well, but perhaps could have used Josephine Rockwell's account earlier. I chose not to do this as it allowed me to use her to decribe the dead man and the fleeing passenger.

james dart said...

Good intro, you use all the main detail needed such as, a man being killed, nearly £50,000 worth of drugs being found and have mentioned where the accident occurred. You have left out the police man being injured in the intro. I can see you have mentioned about the drugs later on in the article, you could perhaps have put that further up. You have talked about the death of the driver which is good.