Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Assignment 6 - Police Vehicle Involved In Fatal Crash

A man was killed last night following a road accident with a police vehicle in the centre of Moonville.

The driver of the car, a red VW Golf, was announced dead on arrival at the St. Monty’s Hospital, with the policeman, PC Steve Rodgers, being “treated from concussion and a fracture of the nose and left leg” a hospital spokesman said.

The Police car had collided into a monument at the junction of Scar Road in Moonville, and the other car crashed into a shop.

Josephine Rockwell, 31, was working at the Bluehound Pub at the time of the accident, witnessed the events:

“The driver of the [VW Golf] was slumped over the wheel…it looked as if he was really badly injured.”

A search was later carried out for a passenger of the Golf, and a rucksack found in the car was removed and now in the possession of the Drugs Squad.

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james dart said...

Great intro, you have incorporated that a police car was involved and the accident resulted in the death of a man.
Intro is 19 words long, which is good.
You could have used a quote from the hospital about the policeman's injuries.
Punctuation around quotes is good.