Saturday, 3 November 2007

Falmouth bid farewell to Heroes

Falmouth’s Princess Pavilions was graced for the last time by one of England’s paramount post-hardcore bands Hell Is For Heroes last night.

Formed in September 2000, the five-piece from Camden have finally decided to hang up their coats. This comes after their final self-titled album attempt failed to make much of an impact compared to their disputably finest ‘Neon Handshake’ debut, which was released in 2003 and was voted in the top 60 best British Albums ever by Kerrang! readers.

The band announced their split on their website last month:

“We're up for spending more time at home working on other projects and potentially a fourth album if we can beat our last effort.”

Support band Resonate, from Exmouth, displayed great talent, and were obviously heavily influenced by the likes of The Fall Of Troy, but lacked the stage presence and energy required to leave their footprint on the stage for the headliners to step into. However, being a young looking twenty years each, this may develop in time.

Also supporting was My Awesome Compilation, who’s rather weak pop punk failed to impress many bar the obvious handful of fans in the crowd.

Performing classic earlier songs such as ‘I Can Climb Mountains’ and ‘Night Vision’ Hell is For Heroes stirred up the smaller-than-expected crowd, but failed to make much of an impact with their newer tracks: a factor that may be assumed affected the recent break-up announcement.

The band were also plagued with technical errors, such as front man Justin Schlosberg’s keyboard connected via a faulty lead, microphones not working, and guitar strings breaking. After seven years, things like that should not be happening, but live music is, in the end, live.

Ending on ‘Five Kids Go’ as usual in the encore, the band bit adieu, and thanked all the fans for their support through their seven year reign as one of the British bests.

Soon to come to Princess Pavilions is 70’s folk entertainer Richard Digance, and local hardcore stars NATO. For more information visit Princess Pavilions web site:


CrazyChick said...

they were so great did u go?

i loved it they are so amazing!!!!!

newayz hi i am sofi lol

Anne said...

This story is well written, shows an understanding of news values and structure and is very appropriate for your audience.

However, the piece becomes more of a review than a news story and is need of some student voices -- original comments about the gig and the fact it is the band's last -- to back up your intro.

Remember that these assignments require at least two original quotes.