Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Assignment 7 - Runningham Student Protest

Angry students at a Wishingshire University barricaded themselves in their vice-chancellors office on Thursday, resulting in the college backing down to student requests.

Police were called after six students, infuriated with recent claims that the University of Runningham will charge the top end of the top-up fees, intruded into the building.

After weeks of lobbying the vice-chancellors office to discuss the fees but with no success, the actions of the six protestors, believed to be studying Fine Art, finally forced the college to give in, and a meeting has been scheduled.

“We are furious that this college has decided to charge the maximum £3,000 in top-up fees to students, when we are seeking nothing in return but long-term debt.” Amanda Donne, Student Union President said.

“Certain members of the student body obviously felt so strongly about this that they decided to take positive action.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that eventually after negotiation, the six students emerged, and were taken to Wooley Green station, but were released later without charge.

James Robbins, a third year photography student, said: “I think it’s great that these students decided to make a stand and to demonstrate how serious the issue of student finance has become.”

Mary Monkton, head of communications at the Arts University, said: “We appreciate that the students are unhappy with the new legislation but we are very disappointed that a small group decided to adopt such aggressive behaviour.”

Top-up fees were introduced into England as Universities say they need more money, to which the Government replied in 2004 that Graduates, based on their financial background, should pay for the benefit of having a degree in the form of a loan.

Repayments are made after the Graduate’s income exceeds £15 000, at a minimum of 9% of all earnings over that year.

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chris_sayer said...

Critical Analysis

I found it was important to begin the introduction with the students, as this will involve and attract the target audience. Also, the fact that the protest was successful would be important, as this would show the readership that the student body can get their voices heard, and maybe even inspire other readers.

I feel I used quotes adequately, as well as demonstrated the inverted pyramid.

More information, such as quotes from one of the protestors would have made the story more authentic, but a quote from the SU president acts as a voice for the student body.

I felt that including information about the top-up fees was necessary, but not overly important, which is why I left it until the last two paragraphs.